The Great Divide

By Elizabeth Albright In Anita Desai’s Clear Light of Day, the ideological divide within a Hindu family in Old Delhi echoes the divide of Hindus and Muslims in a recently decolonized, partitioned India. Many parts of the world were tribally structured before colonization. European colonizers created artificial borders to form colonies. India was one such … Continue reading The Great Divide


A Tragic Tale Through Time

By Melanie Bowden Caught in the midst of deep cultural tensions, a family of four journeys full-circle to find unity. August 1947 changed the fate of India forever. Following the second world war, the British East India Company and officers of the crown no longer had the resources necessary to maintain its rule of India. … Continue reading A Tragic Tale Through Time

Language and Cultural Imperialism: A Tale of Colonial Ireland

By Andres Amundson Brian Friel’s Translations culminates in a frenzy of emotions as it depicts how language is necessary for identity, especially among colonized people. Brian Friel’s Translations starts as a seemingly slow-paced play but quickly becomes a swirl of emotions and ambiguous plot lines. The play is set in Baile-Beag, a small town in … Continue reading Language and Cultural Imperialism: A Tale of Colonial Ireland