Complexities of Colonialism: Intertwining Interaction

By Sarah Demsky, Olivia Rae, and Jacob Ware Follow this link to listen to Complexities of Colonialism: Intertwining Interaction. This podcast explores the relationship between the colonizer and colonized, specifically noting how various postcolonial writers depict this relationship in works of fiction, poetry, and drama. Each writer characterizes this connection in a form that is uniquely … Continue reading Complexities of Colonialism: Intertwining Interaction


“She’s Peeled”

By Sarah Demsky Pompous soldiers from across the Irish Sea readily take what isn't theirs, and now the Emerald Isle is broken; or as the Irish say, "she's peeled."* When recalling the scope of the British Empire, people might easily forget about the island only 50 miles west of England itself. Despite this close proximity, Ireland endured … Continue reading “She’s Peeled”