Ambivalence in Action

By Joel Joseprabu, Evangeline Raulston, and Sabrina Wilson Follow this link to listen to Ambivalence in Action. This podcast takes the style of a debate game show in which four competitors, each representing either a colonized country (Antigua, Ireland, Nigeria) or a colonizer (England), participate in three rounds of Family Feud style questions. During the … Continue reading Ambivalence in Action


Don’t Look a Gift Horseman in the Mouth

By Sabrina Wilson One man's reluctance to let go of life highlights the struggle between individualistic desires and society's perceptions of honor, duty, and sacrifice. Wole Soyinka's play Death and the King's Horseman is based on real events that occurred in Oyo, Nigeria in 1946. Dramatizing these events, Soyinka utilizes interactions between characters and changes in … Continue reading Don’t Look a Gift Horseman in the Mouth