The Cataclysm of Colonized Cultures

By Ana de Pereda Banda, Mary Pacheco, and Boe Tufele Follow this link to listen to The Cataclysm of Colonized Cultures. This podcast includes an analysis of the disruption of several colonized cultures in the period during and after colonization. It brings to light several takes on the subject, including the overarching notion that the colonizers … Continue reading The Cataclysm of Colonized Cultures


An Abrasive Reality

By Ana de Pereda Banda  A small text with a touch of bitterness, large fervor, and colossal insight into the postcolonial condition. How can a beautiful place mask blatant horror? Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place is an unapologetic and forthright critique centered about the state of Antigua (a beautiful island in the West Indies) decades after … Continue reading An Abrasive Reality